Fantasy: A good morning

May 15, 2007

In my dream, my legs are up over your shoulders and you’re fucking me. Harder, deeper, and soon I feel an orgasm sneaking up in my sleep. I’m surprised – these wet dreams happen to me from time to time, but not since you’ve been keeping me so deliciously used. Even asleep, I don’t forget that I am not to come without your permission, and my sleepy subconscious suddenly starts fully awake.

But the sensation doesn’t go away, and I realize that it’s your hand at my clit that’s driving this orgasm, not my dream fuck. Startled, I try to pull away, but you place your arm across my chest, pinning me to the bed.

“Oh, good,” you say, “you’re awake.” Your finger is still rubbing my clit, but my orgasm has retreated in the face of my confusion. “I woke up and saw you sleeping there, and you looked so pretty, sleeping in your collar, that I couldn’t keep my hands off of you.”

My hands go up to my throat, and feel the collar there. It was my first night sleeping with it on, and I’m amazed that I could sleep so deeply with it that I wouldn’t notice you touching me until I was about to come.

“Thank you, sir. Good morning, sir,” I yawn sleepily. My yawn is cut off by a probing kiss, and with your tongue in my mouth and your finger on my clit, my mounting orgasm soon returns from its temporary retreat. Your other hand strays to my nipple, pinching and flicking and stroking.

“Sir, if you keep doing that,” I gasp, from around your darting tongue, “I’m going to come.”

Instantly you stop. Hands, tongue, all gone in a flash. “We can’t have that,” you say. “Sluts need to earn their orgasms, and so far all you’ve done this morning is look pretty. That’s hardly worthy of an orgasm.”

A moan of frustration passes through my lips.

“Come here, little slut,” you say to me, pulling my face down to your erect cock, “Show me how much you want to come.”

I start off licking the head of your cock, then run my tongue from the tip to the base, pausing to lick your balls as well. Then back up to the top, and this time I take you in my mouth. But just a little bit, just the head, with my tongue circling it. Then it’s back to licking, nibbling and kissing, but this time I add my hands, one on the base of your cock, the other on your balls. I take you in my mouth again, a little deeper this time. My head moves up and down on your cock, and with each downward motion I swallow more of it, until my nose is in your public hair and your cock is in my throat.

So far you’ve been content letting me run the show, but I knew that wouldn’t last, and you shift me into a better position, one where you can drive. I grab a pillow to support my neck, and then just try to keep up as you fuck my face. “Oh, that’s right, that’s a good little mouth slut,” you tell me, and I work even harder to please you, to do it just as you like.

You pull out of my mouth.

“That was very good,” you say. “You’re really working hard for your orgasm today. You must really want it. Tell me how you want it.”

“Please sir, please fuck me? Please let me come with you in my slutty cunt?”

And then it’s like it was in my dream – my legs up over your shoulder as you fuck me harder, deeper. My finger is moving furiously on my clit as you drive into me. My breaths are shuddering gasps, interspersed with moans and wails of desire. And then I’m there, on the precipice of my orgasm, heading over fast.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god, please sir, please, please may I come, please may I come for you?”

“Yes,” you command me. “Do it. Do it now. Come for me.” I orgasm with a scream, and a few thrusts later, you come too, shooting your semen deep inside me. You collapse on top of me, and we lie there in a sweaty pile of tangled limbs, while we slowly catch our breath.

“Good morning, love,” you say to me.

“And a very good morning to you too, sir,” I answer back.

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