Fantasy: "Crawl"

May 14, 2007

“Crawl,” you say, and I do. I’m the very image of a slut. My hands and ankles are shackled, my skirt is pushed up around my waist, my bra cups down underneath my breasts. The base of a bright red butt plug peaks out from crotchless black panties, and stockings, shiny black pumps and your collar complete the picture. I crawl across the floor to you as best I can to where you are sitting.

“Now kneel.” I do, and you stare at my long and hard. Up and down my body. I blush from the pressure of your eyes on me, my chin drops, and my eyes are downcast. You lift my chin, force me to look in your eyes, then lean in and kiss me. Although it’s more like you’re fucking me with your tongue, as it pushes hungrily into my mouth.

“Who are you?” you ask. “Your slut,” I answer quietly, then catching myself, louder – “Your cock-sucking, shoe-fucking, shoe-sucking slut, sir.”

“Good,” you say, and you pull out a red marker. “Then I’m sure you won’t mind if I make sure everyone else knows you’re my property.” You pull me up by my wrist shackles, and in quick sure strokes, you write “SLUT” across my belly.

“Does that make you wet?” you ask me. “Having me write my claim on you like that.” “Yes,” I say, feeling my pussy juice running down my legs.

“Show me how wet you are,” you say, handing me a pointy toed shoe. I spread my legs and insert the shoe in my pussy, fuck myself with it.

“That’s a good girl. Now, rub your clit with your other hand, but don’t come. Tell me when you’re close.”

I stand there, in the middle of the room, fucking myself with a shoe, rubbing my clit, my breath coming faster and faster. You work your way around behind me, and the next thing I know you’re slapping my ass. Each slap knocks me a little off balance, but I keep that shoe in my cunt and my finger on my clit as my ass reddens and my moans become punctuated with yelps.

“I’m very close now, sir.”

“Stop,” you command, and I do. “Do you want to come, slut?”

“Yes, sir, please sir?”

“You can come if you can do it without your hands. Find something in this room to rub yourself up against, like the animal you are. If you can come that way, you can come.”

The room has a couch, and a straddle the fabric covered arm, rubbing my pussy back and forth across the little upholstered bumps. My breath quickens, but I moan in frustration as I can’t bring myself to orgasm.

“Do you need some help, my slut?”

“Yes, sir, please?”

You pull me off the arm of the chair and push me onto the bed. You undo your pants and stick your cock in mouth, down my throat, fucking my face. I reach up my hands, one on your balls, the other tugging at the base, just as you’ve taught me. I lick and suck and stroke, until my jaw and throat are sore and you finally take pity on me.

You pull out of my mouth, and push me face down on the bed. Out comes the buttplug, and then you slide your lubed cock into my open and waiting ass. My pussy gushes with my arousal, wetting the blanket below. My ass is so very tight that in only takes three thrusts before you’ve filled the condom with your cum and collapsed on top of me.

“Please sir, may I touch myself?” You agree, and I reach my hand underneath myself, rubbing my clit, faster and faster. “Please sir, please may I come for you?” Seconds pass, and my breath comes in ragged pants. Finally, I hear you say “Come for me, slut, come for me NOW,” and my orgasm explodes.

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