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Fantasy: How I stopped worrying and learned to love pointy-toed shoes

April 30, 2007

Your email said:
>>> Don’t you wish you could fuck yourself with it right now?

My cunt throbbed. My face flushed. The thought of that pointy toe in my pussy was very hot indeed. But here, at work, at my desk? Doing so would be so very slutty, so very nasty. I hesitated, then wrote,

>> Yes, if it would please you for me to do so.

and quickly hit send before I could change my mind.

Your response came back quickly.

> It would please me. Do it now, and make it good. Write to me about it after.

My face flushed again. My heartbeat sped up – fear, embarrassment, but also anticipation. Lust. I got up from my chair and closed my office door.

How to begin? On warm sunny days like today, my office gets very warm. I took off my jacket, so I was wearing just my camisole on top. I lifted the shoe to my lips, and ran it across them, enjoying the smooth sleekness of the patent leather, and the vaguely artificial smell that also managed to be somehow erotic. I licked the toe, and the heel, running my tongue up and down the shaft, just like I’d done with my fingertips earlier during my conference call.

I undid my pants. Lifted my ass and slid them down to my knees. I could feel the rough fabric of the chair underneath my ass, and as I felt trickles of wetness in my cunt, I wondered (hoped?) if I would find a wet spot beneath me when I finished.

I continued to kiss and tongue the shoe, but turned my attention to my clit, rubbing it with my index finger, stroking it in time with the flickering of my tongue on the shoe. I imagined how it would feel inside of me, filling me, and as I pushed a finger into my dripping cunt, I sucked the toe of the shoe deep into my mouth, pushing it as far back as it would reach. Shoes are the wrong shape to deepthroat, sadly, but I enjoyed the tension in my face muscles as they stretched to accommodate its girth.

My finger, then fingers, worked in my pussy – opening it up for what was to come – while my thumb continued to flick at my clit. One, two, three fingers, and my pussy was a roaring fire of heat and my head spun with the sensations.

I licked the toe of the shoe well to lubricate it, and took it out of my mouth. I slid down on my chair so that my cunt was at the very edge of the seat, almost hanging over it, and my legs were spread wide. Then I took out my fingers and pushed the toe of the shoe into my dripping hungry pussy. I gasped, enjoying its shape, its cool smoothness. With one hand, I worked the shoe in and out of my hole, while the other hand worked furiously at my clit, until I came in an explosion of creamy wetness.

Reluctantly, I withdrew the shoe. Brought it to my lips, and carefully, reverently, licked off my juices, cleaned it until it was good as new. Put it back in its shoe box with its mate, to wait until it – like me – was called into your service again.

(Note: I wrote this as a fantasy, but after writing it I was so horny I wrote to my owner and begged him to let me do it for real. Which he did. So I did. That was the moment that shoes went from “something kinky I do because it’s a turn on for him” to “something that makes me hot to think about.”)