Fantasy: Sex Club

April 23, 2007

We’re in a sex club, or at a sex party, somewhere that there are other people. I’m lying on a table, your collar around my neck, leather cuffs around my wrists. My legs are spread, and held open by spreader bar attached to leather cuffs around my ankles. I’m wearing gorgeous patent leather pointy toed shoes, seamed stockings and a lace g-string. You lean over and kiss me deeply, and just as my body is straining up to reach you, you pull away and slap my face. “Whose slut are you?” you demand. “Your slut,” I say, as loud as I can. “That’s right,” you say. “And what will you do to please me?” “Anything. Everything.”

You blindfold me. I lie, waiting, dripping from my cunt, my nipples hard and erect, my clit throbbing, desperate to rub against something, anything. I feel something cold at my pussy, and the next thing I know you’ve pushed a dildo deep into me. I gasp with pleasure, then I wait like that, cunt filled with the dildo. I wait as long as I can, but it doesn’t take long before the sensation of it lying still against my g-spot and against my cervix becomes unbearable, and I start to rock my hips, moving the dildo inside of me. As soon as I do, I feel your hand on me. “Stop moving,” you say. “Yes sir,” I moan. I stop the rocking of my hips, although I can’t do anything about the trembling that runs through my entire being.

I feel cold again, this time at my ass, as you slip a butt plug into me. I inhale my breath sharply. “Thank you, sir.” A moment passes. “Please sir, please may I move my hips? I’m trying hard, but I don’t think I’ll be able to keep still much longer. Please, sir? Please let me be your slut?” You give me your permission, and I begin rocking my pelvis. The feeling of the butt plug and the dildo both inside of me is so intense. My breath quickens, my cunt gushes, my nipples grow even harder.

And then I feel you get up on the table. You straddle my face. “Open your mouth,” you say, and I do. You shove your cock into my mouth, down my throat. I reach up with my hand to pull and tug on your balls while you fuck my face. My pelvis thrashes around so much that the dildo slips out of my cunt.

Before it can come completely out, it is shoved back into me. In my haze of sensation it takes me a moment to remember that it can’t be you – you’re fucking my face, it can’t be your hand at my cunt. My body stiffens, unsure. “Don’t worry, darling, slut,” you tell me. “Take it,” you tell me. And then the hand at my cunt begins to push the dildo deep inside of me. Other hands pinch my nipples. Finally, one finger begins to surround my clit with lazy circles that get faster and faster.

My body bucks and writhes. “Come for me. Come for me NOW” you command. And I do. I feel your cock contract, taste your semen in my mouth, and for a blissful few moments I float in a sea of pure sensation, unable to think, able only to feel pleasure like waves, coursing through my body over and over. Through the haze I notice you removing your cock from my mouth, and then I feel the dildo and the butt plug leave my body as well. My legs are unclipped from the spreader bar, and then suddenly you gather me up, wrapping me in your arms, still there on the table. You take my blindfold off, and when I look at you, I begin to cry, great racking sobs pouring out all the intensity of my love for you, my need to please you, my need to be your slut always and forever.

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