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Fantasy: "Tell me about a particularly slutty thing you imagine yourself doing. I want details."

April 18, 2007

We go out to club while we’re in San Francisco. I’m wearing a short black skirt with thigh high seamed stockings, a white low cut blouse, and the 4-inch patent stiletto pumps. You ask me to dance for you, and I do, as sexily as I can manage. Afterwards, we go back into a dark corner of the club so I can catch my breath and get a drink. When the waiter comes by, I order a soda, forgetting that tonight you had instructed me that I was not to order myself, that you would be making those choices for me. I realize my error immediately, even before you give me “the look.” After the waiter comes back with your drinks, you tell me that as my punishment, I must suck your cock, right there, under the table. The corner of the club is dark, and fairly secluded. I slip down under the table, undo your pants, and take your cock into my mouth. I suck it and lick it and tug at its base. I fight my gag reflex and take you as far down my throat as I can manage. Your hands are under the table, pulling my hair, and guiding my rhythm. You come in my mouth, and I swallow it eagerly. You indicate that I can get up now, so I do. My cunt is swollen and dripping wet, but I know that it will be hours until you let me have my release. I sit back down in my chair and look around – luckily no seems to have noticed. A little while later a waiter comes over to see if we want another drink, and my face flushes, imagining what he would have thought of me – what a slut I am – if he’d been there only a few minutes earlier.